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tv   The Early Show  CBS  July 31, 2010 8:00am-10:00am EDT

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♪ ♪ billboard's best selling new classical artist 2 thou009 violinist
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david garrett is with us this morning. now, he is back with a new cd called "rock symphonies" proving rock and classicals go together nicely. we'll hear more next hour but first a special song dedicated to chelsea clinton on her wedding day called appropriately "chelsea girl," ladies and gentlemen, here is david garrett. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> excellent. >> thank you sir. >> really really nice. you have a chelsea in your life or strictly for chelsea clinton. >> for a different chelsea but you know. >> talk to me -- talk to me about the new cd a week now, "rock symphony" you decided to go hard core. >> i think pretty much the best project we've all done together and it's a tribute to all the big, you know rock and roll icons, area rods smith, acdc led zeppelin and a wonderful combination to actually use rock music but from a classical musician point of view and i think it works quite rocking. >> sounds great so far. "rock this way" we'll hear later, a little aerosmith. cannot wait to hear that. david will be back next hour with "walk this way" from
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aerosmith. stay with us. this is good morning. it is saturday, july 31. we are talking about, an elderly man is gunned down near his home. now the police are searching for suspects. detectives say 70-year-old milton hill was found shot in the back friday morning. the police say the killer was likely after hill's scooter, which was missing from the scene. the veers urge anyone with information to call city police. a former catholic schoolteacher convicted of raping and which happened abuse may soon be a free man. a judge sentenced him to life in prison back in 1995 for a string of attacks in the 1970s. but he says he was not told apt a plea bargain offer of 10 years in prison a judge ruled this a plea bargain must be offered to him at the baltimore circuit court level since he has served more than a decade. that means he could be set free if the plea is approved.
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a panel of experts is recommending big changes to cut down on the city's cases f animal abuse. lit include training city workers to recognize the signs of dogfighting and educating children so they don't become future abusers. it is a nice weekend ahead. today's first warning forecast looks a lot like this. this morning, 69 degrees. 85 degrees by midday. and then this evening, look for 72 degrees. nice and comfortable. and that is our report today. thank you for joining us. have a happy and safe weekend!
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in search of kyron. the parents of the 7-year-old have faith he's alive and desperate for someone who knows something to come forward and help them find their son. we'll hear from them this morning. lindsay's new life. she will be sprung from jail soon and 90 days in rehab. will the double dose of reality be enough to turn her troubled life around? we'll hear what she should and should not do next. and a chelsea morning. we've watched her since she walked into the white house at age 12 now walking down the aisle, just hours away from the wedding of the year and we have got your invitation as we welcome you to "the early show" this saturday july 31st, 2010. captioning
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funded by cbs welcome back to "the early show" from beautiful rhinebeck, new york i'm erica hill this special chelsea morning. >> doing a great job -- >> so sorry. very excited wedding crowd in new york as well. not just excited in rhinebeck, e. >> chris, thanks calling our show too, a chelsea morning because that is actually the joni mitchell song apparently she was named after. there you go you hear a bit now, recorded in 1969 she was named after that song. we're coming to you from rhinebeck this morning from the terrapin restaurant and will meet with the chef later giving us great wedding ideas also coming up this hour what about
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a wedding gift especially when someone getting married is like chelsea clinton, what do you buy for someone who has everything or when the registry is down to two random wine glasses or a $5,000 grill? we'll help you with all of that chris. >> yeah, save. that's for sure. also, we have how to avoid wedding day disasters, a nice wedding table set up and show you exactly where you should seat the divorced parents if they are divorced, who do you invite, who don't you invite, just simple tips how to avoid the wedding day disasters if the big day is in your near future. all that coming up. back to you in rhinebeck in minutes and back to our crowd in minutes but first let's get this morning's news. rebecca jarvis at the news desk. r.j.? >> i need that avoiding disaster. in most things especially wedding sz. a big day in rhinebeck, new york york, folks. if you haven't heard 90 miles north of new york city the former first daughter will be married hours from now and our
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correspondent is with me from rhinebeck with a live report. good this morning, elaine. >> reporter: good morning to you, rebecca. there was no red carpet last night but sure felt like oscar night as hundreds waited behind barricades for the stars to come out in rhinebeck and just before 11:00, bill and hillary clinton pulled up got out of their vehicle and the crowd erupted in cheers. this was the after-party after the rehearsal dinner. also spotted walking into that event, washington power player vernon jordan and the former secretary of state madeleine albright. all day yesterday the town was buzzing with last-minute preparations as well as security measures put into place here also yesterday was interesting we saw the proud father of the bride make a surprise appearance, no one was expecting this at a local restaurant. he walked about a block and greeted people had some lunch and then left. i had a chance before he did, though, to talk to him a little
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bit, you know he's had some health issues in recent years and i asked how he was feeling. he said he feels very blessed. rebecca? >> all right. thanks so much. it's been two months since 7-year-old kyron horman vanished in portland oregon his birth parents continue to believe the boy's step-mother is involved in his disappearance. pria good morning. >> reporter: rebecca, good morning to you. law enforcement have srvery searched the grounds at his elementary school multiple times, the last place he was seen two months ago. he attended a school science fair then was supposed to head to class. his step-mother says she saw him off but his birth parents believe she may have spirited him away instead. they say the step-mother had a wide network of friends. they say she may not have been working alone on a plan to
9:05 am
abduct their son, a plan they say was premeditated. >> do you think terri took him and handed him off to someone else? >> there's probably other people involved. there's probably some handing off going on. >> both parents are pleading for anyone who knows terry or kyron to come forward with the smallest pieces of information. >> there shouldn't be any fear from an adult in this case. >> now at the eight-week marker for when he went missing. what does it mean to you to hit that time frame? >> it's unconscionable that we're at this point and no one has come forward to do the right thing. it makes me sick as a mother. >> even without any direct proof, they are adamant their son is alive. when asked directly about the possibility their son might be dead, she said simply she doesn't like to go to the dark places. rebecca? >> thank you.
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the month ending today the deadliest for u.s. forces in more than eight years of war in afghanistan. at least 66 american service members have been killed. in an exclusive interview, "the early show's" harry smith asked president obama if this war is worth such sacrifice. >> if i didn't think that it was important for our national security to finish the job in afghanistan, then i would pull them all out today, because i have to sign letters to these family members when a loved one is lost. i've been very clear that we are going to move forward on a process of training afghans so that they can provide for their own security. >> you can see more of that exclusive interview with the president tomorrow on cbs sunday morning and monday on et early show. in that same interview, mr. obama touched on the ethics charges against new york congressman charlie wrangle,
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calling the charges, quote, very troubling and said he hopes rangel can end his career with dignity. rangel is 80 years old and several lawmakers are calling on him to resign. if he doesn't step down rangel faces a trial in september on 13 alleged ethics violations. this could be a tough day for firefighters battling a huge wildfire north of los angeles. the fire's already scorched 20 miles of brurvelanding and destroyed home and high winds and hot temperatures are expected to make things even worse. the fire threatens major power lines, as well as two 2,000 homes and other buildings. about seven minutes after the hour. time for another check outside with lonnie on the weather. hey, lon. >> rebecca, i want you to stay with me because i have people from all over the country and i come across this kid right here rebecca jarvis they claim to know. do these people look familiar to you at all, rebecca. >> they look a little familiar lonnie.
9:08 am
i may have grown up with them. >> you may have grown up with them? i asked for a bit of dirt on reb kachlt ladies and gentlemen, listen this is the craziest thing they could tell me about rebecca jarvis. when were you kids you had what. >> we had coffee at the sleepovers in the morning. >> stop the presses! >> you didn't want to see me with the caffeine in my system. >> getting up early even as a 5-year-old. we see really hot weather in the southern portion of the country. in the 100s but northwestern portion fires around southern california but fire danger in the northwest. a quick make it a great day wherever you
9:09 am
are. chris? >> lindsay lohan will be released any day now and will have 24 hours to check into rehab to stay for 90 days. can the talented actress with a long history of problems really turn her life around? specializes in chemical imballss in the brain and personal responsibility good morning, how are you? >> good morning. >> i think a lot of people when the sentence was handed down said, jail maybe that's not the best, maybe rehab she should have gone first. what you do you think. >> i absolutely disagreechlt i think jail was the right thing for her. you know an addict twoshs aspects to what's going on the addiction then also the point they don't think they're responsible for their actions and i think the message has to go to lindsay, look, you broke the rules and have to pay the price, hopefully a wake-up call. >> she finishes the abbreviated sentence and do the stint in rehab but then what, fall back into the same pattern of going to maybe the pseudo-work jobs and being around the same
9:10 am
people. >> the dangers are always right when they get out of rehab. the key is you have to divest yourself of the friends that have been the alcoholics and drug addicts with you. the number one thing, if you can get rid of those people get them out of your life get a new group of friends who are sober, she's got a great chance. >> but how did somebody like this do this? seems like her enablers are the people closest to her. >> if she were my patient i would say, look, no work for a year your sobriety is more important than family friends or job because if you don't say sober, you will lose all of those and maybe your life as well. this is literally life or death for lindsay at this point. >> she's done a couple of stints in rehab before and finds herself back in this position. who f she has to turn her back on family not the best for her and close friends, not the best thing for her, where does she go? >> i think even in hollywood there are sober individuals and people that have recovered doing well robert downey jr. would be an example. she needs to surround her swlf with people who are sober and a been there and done tt and
9:11 am
recovered. >> dr. dale archer thank you very much. appreciate the time. when we come back more from rhinebeck, the big wedding day in rhinebeck, new york coming up. you are watching "the early show" here on cbs. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] there's complete. and then there's most complete, like what you get from centrum ultra women's, the most complete multivitamin for women. it has vitamin d which emerging science suggests supports breast health and calcium for bone health.
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♪ i woke up it was a chelsea morning and the first thing that i heard ♪ ♪ was a song outside my window and the traffic ♪ >> more than ironic a young woman who has tried so hard to walk in the shadows her whole life is walking down the aisle
9:15 am
with the whole world watching at least doing their very best to watch. what do we really know about chelsea clinton? the country first met her in 1992. >> do my wife and daughter look good tonight or what. >> a shy pre-teen thrust into the limelight as first daughter. >> when chelsea came to washington she lived in arkansas and probably didn't have makeup. >> people wanted to know about the quiet young girl with braces but they had other plans. >> i think hillary and bill both did an incredible job making sure chelsea was protected. >> her rare appearances were easily embraced by the american public. the father/daughter dance. chelsea chelsea's high school graduation. >> here was a young woman who was emerging as a person in her own right and still living in the shadow of her parents.
9:16 am
>> at 18 she famously linked hands with her parents, literally holding the family together through the monica lewinsky scandal. >> i don't know how she's ended up being the normal beautiful, talented and graceful person that she has become today. >> thank you all for being -- >> fiercely private, chelsea gave us a small glimpse at the woman she's become during the 2008 presidential campaign. emerging with a voice loud and clear in support of her mother. despite her best efforts, though, to retreat from public view it's no surprise all eyes are hoping for any glimpse of chelsea this weekend. senior reporter for the "daily beast" join us in rhinebeck this morning. thanks for making the trip up. >> thanks for having me. >> she's never given an interview. she was asked by an 9-year-old sorry, i don't give interviews. why the attraction.
9:17 am
>> i think the mystery adds to it in a way in the era of twitter and oversharing almost a they areback to the stoasm dz im who beside elin has been photographed so little and said so little. >> she's carried this over, too. it was started by her parents in the white house and said look she's off limits. people respected that and she guarded that so fiercely her adult life and amazing she's been able to do this. >> totally amazing she's been able to do it but i think also because she's been very well behaved. i think had she misfired in any way, the press probably would have been there. i mean, you know the bush girls both wound up phenomenally well but both got arrested twice while their dad was in the white house and it was a sort of kidlike thing that happened. but, you know i think with chelsea, she came out well. there weren't a lot of mistakes. >> actually -- one of the worst
9:18 am
things in the world being the child of the president for those reasons but there are humanizing moments we've seen of course when she famously held hands and held the family together in 1998 during the monica lewinsky scandal and pictures with her dad. she's helped humanize her parents. >> yes, i think she has helped humanize her parents. i think whether or not you like the clintons the fact she's turned out well and she was, you know a national merit finalist and wound up at stanford and did well and wound up at this hedge fund, you know it makes -- it speaks well of them. >> what kind of relationship does she have with her father. >> supposedly a completely great one and shares a lot of his qualities, a bit of a flirt. >> really? i never would have guessed that. >> she does like attention but not the kind -- >> controlled though. >> yes, sort of controlled by her but an industrious she shares with her parents hard
9:19 am
work from ballet to then becoming this sort of you know the way she approached school. i mean it's very clinton-like. >> very clinton-like. she followed in her dad's footsteps, got her master's in public health in columbia. what is the one thing you really want to know when we get some details? >> i think it will be even less hollywood than already is being reported. i think this actually is really about close friends. we've heard oprah might be here and perhaps that will happen but i don't think so. i think this is going to be a sort of different affair. >> is it hard for bill and hillary to keep it about their daughter do you think, or -- >> i don't think so. i think that where she's concerned, everything is different than it is you know -- >> her daughter is always different. great to have you with us. thanks for coming up this morning. we appreciate it. >> sure thanks for having me. >> up next.
9:20 am
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getting stressed out when buying a wedding gift, it is easy to do no matter whose you are attending, there are variables as to how much to spend, getting something on the registry -- thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> you have lots of great tips for us. the first one, how much are you supposed to spend on a wedding gift? >> it really depends on two factors, one how close you are
9:24 am
to the bride and groom. your relationship does matter how much you spend and what your own financial situation is. we see on average between 60 and $120 per person. >> when is actually not that far off from what the expectations are from the bride and groom. they expect about 70 to $130 is that right. >> exactly. we polled the brides and grooms online and came in a bit above but close, in the right ballpark. >> i grew up to me totally normal in the northeast to give somebody cash. in fact most of the weddings i go to that's what my husband and i would but when i lived in the south i told someone that and they thought it was the tackiest thing they had heard. is it okay to give money? >> if you know the bride and groom want to receive cash or it is appropriate culturally -- cash is totally okay. but in the south it is considered ghosh. some might feel uncomfortable in which we say you can add a small
9:25 am
gift from the registry and a check and -- >> personalize a bit. >> obviously people register for a reason they actually want them why not get them something they like except what you if want to go off it. is it ever okay. >> 70% of brides said they really wanted what they registered for. we say you should get what they registered for it is easy safe easy to find a registry. there is no excuse not getting them a gift from there. >> then the problem becomes, what if you get down to the dregs of it two wine glasses or a $5,000 grill, help us work through that? i know you have great ideas. >> if you have procrastinated and it happens, you might be left on something on one end or the other. say you are left with a less-expensive present. what we really want you to do is bundle things together. these were great inexpensive mixing bowls we added everything to bake delicious cookies for
9:26 am
the bride and groom and added some beautiful wrapped cookies and cookie cutters and oven mitts and made it personal. >> you add a beautiful wrap the rolling pin here. >> this is really the cream on the top, which is a box of recipes, tried and true from our own kitchen. >> what a great idea. >> you have down here the best gift my husband and i got, two cases of wine from his sister and brother-in-law. you recommend the same thing. >> yeah. this is if you want to gift up. >> gift up personalize something with a wine wrack. this is something great you can do as a group gift as well. >> yes. you can add together several wine bottles and make really special wines they will drink on future anniversaries. even a super expensive gift like a $5,000 -- go together and you may spend less. >> thank you. i understand you got married in
9:27 am
rhinebeck. >> i did. >> still, more to come on a chelsea morning here.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
good morning once again, welcome back to "the early show" here on cbs. erica has a great perch in rhinebeck. i decided to take moments to rest in my beach chair on the plaza. how are things going up there in rhinebeck for you, this morning? they look great. >> you look very comfortable. thank you. >> it is an easy day. you are handling the heavy lifting so i'm here relaxing a bit now. >> you work too hard you should take a rest. >> thank you so much. very kind of you. circulate that would you? coming up this half hour who sits where, what guest has too much to drink and what do you do with that guest, expert advice
9:31 am
to make sure your wedding day doesn't turn into asser, tips everyone needs to follow. >> they can be helpful for a dinner party, too, or your next thanksgiving so stay tuned for that. also ahead, we are at terrapin restaurant joined by our "chef on the shoestring" at one of the hudson valley's finest restaurants, taking a look at finger food even dessert for your wedding planning. all that coming up but first lonnie quinn with a final look at the weather. based on my professional opinion and training it is be a gorgeous day in rhinebeck. >> meteorologist in training rebecca. i'm sorry, erica. moi. i want to talk about the weather picture out there. there is tough weather. if we take a look at the southwestern portion around the four corners, there will be a lot of rain monsoonal moisture you expect this time of year talking maybe two inches of rain per hour from phoenix maybe
9:32 am
portions of colorado. the bigger picture shows mow rain around the great lakes but lo and behold what erica is talking about around the north sdoost it is beautiful rhinebeck, new york about an hour's drive talking 76 degrees, maybe fair-weather clouds but really no problems at all for the bride and groom and humidity nice and low and feels good. that's it for the national picture. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend. all righty. a couple of gals from texas. chris, i know you'll be talking about wedding disasters. the one thing my wife told me don't smoosh the cake in her face.
9:33 am
i did. >> you did anyway. >> and you did it anyway. lonnie that's what we love but. doesn't listen to a thing you tell him. how to avoid disaster the day you say "i do" the latest on wedding etiquette when we come back. you're watching "the early show" here on cbs. ♪ special k protein shakes -- ♪ a truly great-tasting breakfast shake. with 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, it's the creamy, delicious way to satisfy... your hunger to help you lose weight. ♪ so you can kick the tin can habit. try special k protein shakes today. hi, i'm looking to save money on my car insurance. how do i know if i'm getting a good deal? you should talk to the specialist.
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. ♪ woke up it was a chelsea morning and the first thing that i heard ♪ ♪ was a song outside my window ♪ that's right, everybody, get excited sitting at a wedding table from seating to silverware chelsea clinton knows planning her dream wedding can be a nightmare so we have tips how to avoid that disaster. if you are at home saying i've got a wedding coming up next year or a couple of us let's talk about i guess one of the big things i'm sure probably not so much of a problem for her today, but seating charts. because whether you have 100 or 500 -- >> exactly, probably one of the trickiest parts of a wedding you wait until a couple weeks ago although i'm sure their event planner has planned the seating for a very long time extra tricky with politics here. >> what's the tip. >> really to keep people who have similar interests together keep the family together at the table, keep cousins together
9:37 am
high school friends together don't mix it up too much so people have things to talk about. >> you have miss streisand and i have mr. brolin. >> they will get along fine. >> lettes talk about you've got say divorced parents, some type of conflict. >> sure. >> do you seat the divorced parents together if they don't get long? >> this wedding today, hits parents a divorced. you could put them together and sometimes works out find or perfectly fine to put them at different tables or step-families can all stay together. as far as the couple goes they can sometimes have their own sweetheart table and gets them out of tricky situations because it means they are just together and don't have to worry. >> i dodged a huge bullet because my parents are divorced and remarried but the four are the best of friends. >> you got lucky. >> didn't have to worry at all. i did make this mistake, i sat the grandparents near the speakers and i never heard the
9:38 am
last of it. >> a classic mistake. you don't want them near the speakers were you close enough to the couple so they feel part of the action and a good thing near the door. >> if you go to a wedding and are not happy, don't complain to the bride, they don't need to hear that. >> no they don't. >> how about gifts, or favors a great to ken at the end of the wedding which can be small or -- we anticipate this will be a do a charity donation which is big right now, they may do the clinton vineyards wine. >> we noticed this is kind low and lush so you can kind of talk with your other guests as opposed to the big an op lant. >> exactly. you have two options, go low and lush like this or tall and skinny and won't interrupt the flow. >> final question a good one if a guest is obnoxiously drunk, can you kick them out of your
9:39 am
wedding. >> not unless they are really misbehaving but have the bar tendesh cut them off if they seem they are getting drunk or have your event planner get them away from the other guests at least. >> if uncle lonnie is being le belidge rents, you can -- >> get your wedding planner to do it. >> thank you. for more go to our website. now, it is time to head back out to the sight of the big wedding today, rhinebeck, new york and join erica out there in the kitchen. >> wraggs, thanks yes, where i belong. still ahead a wedding edition of "chef on a shoestring," doubling the budget meaning the menu is guaranteed to please the pickiest palate. it is a chelsea morning here on "the early show" here on cbs.
9:40 am
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. ♪ i'm in a new york state of mind ♪ >> back in beautiful rhinebeck, new york this morning, this village on the banks of the majestic hudson river, of course hosting chelsea clinton's wedding a place with a long and proud history. here's a look. a lot to celebrate today in rhinebeck. >> very historic occasion to have a former first daughter choose our town to have her nuptial. >> but this town also has a lot of history to celebrate, too. as rhinebeck's resident historian, she has traced the town's lineage back to dutch and german immigrants who settled here in the late 17th century. of course, they wouldn't be the last. >> the land was quite desirable and it attracted a lot of millionaires. >> including land owner henry
9:44 am
beekman, the namesake of the oldest hotel in america. it's been open since the revolutionary war and word is george washington slept here. tonight, some clinton wedding guests are expected to as well. >> the beekman arms was the gathering place. it was very important politically. >> legend has it in 1804 political rivals saner hamilton and vice president aaron burr began their famous feud right here, they ended it with a duel in new jersey leaving hamilton dead and burr's critical career mortally wounded. rhinebeck is no stranger to presidential visits. fdr lived down the street in hyde park. >> he was here on many occasions but the occasion of the dedication of the post office is when the most people were gathered. >> this morning, the crowds gather again in rhinebeck, probably more than ever, from the 50-acre seat to the center of town to montgomery street this morning at the terrapin
9:45 am
restaurant all here for the truly special event, the marriage of chelsea clinton. and we are joined from inside terrapin which has named the best restaurant in the hudson valley. we're joined by the chef and owner who will help us prepare a special wedding edition of "chef on a shoestring." we figure it will cost reportedly millions we'll bump up our budget. >> i've heard the figures. the wedding itself has been quite the spectacle. our catering business it saysself we have two weddings this weekend none of which is the actual chelsea but we have a chelsea and michael getting married. >> a chelsea wedding, it is perfect. >> we do. we do. >> give us an idea of some of the foods. >> i want to feature the bounts of the valley. one of the great things that made the clintons decide on, this we have so much that grows and is produced up here some of the things that i'm going to do we have a peach -- grilled
9:46 am
peaches with -- on top of -- >> little -- >> garlicky shrimp tuna tartar and onion tartlets our main course will be a hudson valley duck breast. >> which look fantastic and i know one of the folks in our party had the duck last night and said it was delicious. >> it was great you had the opportunity to dine at my facility. >> it was a great dinner and we appreciate it especially camping out in yoururour restaurant this morning. walk us through some of these dishes. >> starting with the shrimp, all dishes are quick and easy. >> we like thamplsts all we got to do take a little oil there, that's one hot pan. >> yes, it is i can feel the heat. >> now i'm going to -- watch out. >> in go the shrimp. they cook up so quickly. >> nice flame. >> ooh. fancy here at terrapin. >> as you always want to do season with salt and pepper.
9:47 am
>> that's once we've already put them in. >> you could do it on the plate beforehand. >> okay. >> you know either way. >> either way works. >> do you need these? >> i will be using that yeah. >> i'm standing by with the tongs ready. just tossing these in salt and pepper. what else are we going to do to season them. >> we've got some garlic. add a little bit more oil here. >> so coming up the garlic. >> i've got garlic. >> minced garlic. >> be careful not to -- you can see the pan is extremely hot you have to work quickly not to burn the garlic which will give you -- >> no the flavor you're going to. >> i'll go straight into -- i'm sorry, more flames. flames are good. >> ooh! . i don't know i've got a lot of hairspray on they may not be good. >> this is a chili pepper. >> a little spice. >> yes, and honey, too. there will be bitterness from
9:48 am
the garlic. >> evens it out a bit. as you move that around i'll try some of the ones you made earlier. a little taste test here. >> there we go. >> hmmm. >> how's that? >> it's grit nice to have that little bit of heat and then -- >> you see the color here but that's nice you want the color and make sure you don't get the garlic black. >> i love it. help us make the goat cheese because i want to make sure we get a bit of the duck in too. you have pepper here. i'm happy to help. >> what i want to do is we'll add in the egg. >> goat cheese. >> so egg. where do i see egg? don't even see -- there it is. >> if we had some egg -- >> it would be going in. >> we also have. >> we're going to put that on at the end. >> fresh basil. >> and tarragon. we have orgeano here. >> where's that missing egg.
9:49 am
>> there we go. if we had the egg -- don't worry. iowa unto make sure -- i want to make sure we get to everything. is this roasted red peppers. >> doing this at home it save as step, you have strips about this big. just spread it on there. you can use the spoon, if you would like. >> throughout the length. >> a bit like that is enough. >> and roll it up. how are we cooking this? >> what we're going to do is take an oven maybe preheated to about 400 degrees. now, turn that one -- there's our egg. >> if we need it. >> just to show you it actually goes in there. >> i'm getting a cue we are short on time so tell us about the duck. >> okay. the duck one thing about duck that's very difficult to do now this is with duck breast. you need the score the skin. it is extremely. >> score the skin? >> extremely important because the skin on the duck is
9:50 am
delicious. one of the best parts of the duck. but, the fat underneath people don't want. you what want to do is run a knife, very sharp knife. >> yep. >> in a scoring pattern, being careful not to cut into the duck breast. >> okay. >> only into the fat layer. >> so like that. >> both ways. >> careful not to cut your finger. >> exactly, that's key. >> very bad. once again, salt and pepper. and we're going to put this on a hot pan. >> as you put that in there, we're going to bring in our guests who have made the trip to enjoy this fine wedding feast, as well. we cook this in a little bit of oil. >> yes. well you don't need to cook it in any at all. >> the fat itself. >> -- the fatitself will keep it from sticking. you want this on a low flame and right at the end you just flip it over at the end. >> flip it. >> i have a finished product coming out. >> that's coming in. i'm going to take a little bite
9:51 am
too. we're bringing our guests everybody who has made the trip up from new york a lot of people getting in the car at 2:00 this morning to join us this morning in rhinebeck which we so appreciate. appreciate you at terrapin as well. >> clinton vineyards cassiss finish it. i'll basically deglaze it to get the alcohol out of it and put in a little -- >> as you do we'll take a look at this beautiful picture, instead of cake you have great cupcakes for us which comes to a lovely wedding feast. we'll take a look what you did in terms of a budget if maybe we can take a look at home at the chef deglazes here we're ready to go. it really looks beautiful. josh thanks for having us this morning and cooking for us as well. >> thank you for having me. >> a pleasure to be at terrapin in rhinebeck, new york. you can find the recipes at more to come.
9:52 am
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sunday monday also monday harry smith sitting down with the president with an exclusive interview with president obama focusing on topics ranging from the economy to the immigration to war in afghanistan and will bring all of that to us tomorrow and monday morning on "the early show." >> erica, we saved you a spot at the table. sadly we'll have to break the table down before you come back. we'll have a cocktail for you. early next saturday our travel editor takes us for a wild ride on america's five best roller coasters. turning it up a notch going on the five best roller coasters. great job this morning to you and the entire staff in rhinebeck, give them a big thumbs-up from here in new york would, you? >> that i will. a great crew as always working with us here. great to be here. everyone in town has been so great and chef wonderful, as well. thanks to all you guys in new york, as well. i believe we have an encore right, chris.
9:56 am
>> as a matter of fact we do, we'll leave you with more music from the incredible david garrett with "walk this way" from aerosmith. have a wonderful weekend. chelsea, marc best of luck! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:57 am
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